Charlevoix Lake to Lake Multi-Use Trail
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Lake to Lake Trail Committee:

Mark Heydlauff               Charlevoix City Manager

Zach Panoff              Charlevoix City Planner

Larry Sullivan              Charlevoix County Commissioner

Nancy Rajewski          Charlevoix Township Trustee

Chuck Center              Charlevoix Township Supervisor

Cortney Schmidt          St. Marys Cement

JoAnn Beemon            Citizen

Michelle Biddick          Water and Air Team Charlevoix  (WATCH)

Jerry Puhl                    Water and Air Team Charlevoix  (WATCH)  

Bruce Wood                Michigan Snowmobile Association- Charlevoix Snowmobile Club

Nancy Ferguson          Charlevoix County Planning Commission

Tom Conlan                 Former Belvedere Club General Manager

Jim Malewitz               Performance Engineers


The generosity and support of St. Mary’s Cement (past Medusa, Southdown and CEMEX) has been a steady force behind the vision for Charlevoix Lake to Lake Multi-Use Trail.  That dream is rapidly becoming a reality thanks to the work of the City of Charlevoix, Water Air Team Charlevoix (WATCH), Charlevoix Township and the Charlevoix Lake to Lake Trail Committee.  Two grants, one from the Grand Traverse Bay Band of Ottawa Indians for an engineering study and a grant for signage have launched this community effort. 

At the turn of the century, the Medusa Rail Spur was constructed to bring equipment and building materials from Southern Michigan to Medusa Cement on the shore of Lake Michigan.  From M66 at Ferry Road, crossing over meandering streams and through lovely woodlands, the rail spur runs north and east skirting the Belvedere Golf Course, crossing Marion Center at Stover Creek and crossing US 31 west of the Flight Deck.  The rail spur continues on to Bells Bay Road, hugging the south side of the Charlevoix Airport.

When a proposal was brought before the City of Charlevoix to timber and sell their 10 acre parcel on M66 for storage units, Charlevoix citizens petitioned the City to consider the value of the parcel to future recreation and trail development of the Medusa Spur.  Because the rail spur intersects the City of Charlevoix parcel, the cement company was asked if they would support the use of the land for a trail head.

In the Fall of 2001, a Charlevoix Lake to Lake Multi-Use Trail Committee brought members of the Charlevoix East Jordan Snowmobile Trails Council, Charlevoix County Land Conservancy, CEMEX (now St. Mary’s Cement), City of Charlevoix, Charlevoix Township, Charlevoix County, DNR, hospital staff, high school cross country representatives and others together with a mutual goal… a Charlevoix Lake to Lake Multi-Use Trail system that would be available to Charlevoix area families and friends. 

The full commitment to the Charlevoix Lake to Lake Multi-Use Trail from St. Mary’s Cement, the City of Charlevoix, WATCH, Charlevoix Township and the Charlevoix County Community Foundation guarantee that the vision of a Lake to Lake Trail will soon be a vital part of community health, recreation and outdoor activities.  Trails will join downtown Charlevoix to the Charlevoix City Airport.  A Fisherman’s Island Trail will carry families into the State Forest for a day of relaxation and picnicking.  In the future, a Charlevoix High School Spur will be engineered.

The Charlevoix Lake to Lake Multi-Use Trail demonstrates the best in regional planning and cooperation, bringing together state, township, city, county and tribal governments while working with residents and businesses.  The Charlevoix Lake to Lake Multi-Use Trail will be available year round to residents and tourists, adding another layer of enjoyment and fun to Charlevoix the Beautiful.